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Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

the fall

last days heavy rain and the chilly wind clearly indicate the end of summer here, so what better time to start listening to some fall music from Canada, such as Wolf Parade and their great third studio album 'Expo 86', the name speaks for itself, wave all over, but quite contemporary too

Montag, 30. August 2010

I was hiding in the mountains

back in Amsterdam, I've already begun to miss a somewhat curvier landscape again

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

this is how I imagine summer in sweden

beautiful video from the beautiful fever ray from her album 'fever ray'
check out the videos for the songs 'seven' and 'if I had a heart' too

Montag, 12. Juli 2010


as her new and third album 'Maya'is out now, I remembered watching this video some time ago:

Despite all the talk about her credibility, suspicious radical chic, politics and popculture in general, i like her, her music and the unique visual universe she creates. I won't dive into the debates circling around the video to her song 'born free' though, simply because I still haven't made my mind up, whether I like it or not.
Finally, there's always been a little bit of politics in pop, the two spheres have been influencing each other quite some time now. And it can do no harm if the one or the other asks him/herself suddenly 'Where exactly is Sri Lanka anyway, what is going on there and what's a tamil tiger?'

fight the heat

why not fight the heat by browsing through the newest A/W 2010 collections such as topshop

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

the bright side project

Today I stumbled across this lovely site and blog called 'The Blah Blah Blahg' from Miss B, calling herself 'a dilettante extraordinairre'. The beautiful sites, which she calls 'the sunniest place on the internet' feature 'The Bright Side Project'.

That's a website dedicated to daily giveaways. Each day they feature a brand or product they think will add a little sunshine in your life. Each post details what they are giving away for the day. And there are really sweet and beautiful things among the daily treats.

('Handstitched Happiness' from Moxiedoll's Shop on Etsy)

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010


Since the week is practically over and I'm walking towards the weekend, I'm facing hair problems, great, well being female, this is a well known challenge in summertime and in times of heat waves, but the web has an answer to every question, as we all know, so I found this, via the lovely and most professional, well they are doing it professionally, fashion and lifestyle blog in whole Germany. Hair problem solved, day saved.
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